Coordinador de informática

Trayectoria profesional

  • 12+ years of experience developing IT solutions for health care
  • Specialized in Multiple Sclerosis
  • Solid background in process development, software quality control and software design for research health projects
  • Skills in health standards: Loinc, ICD, RxNorm, Dicom, Snomed and HCPCS
  • Senior developer in PHP, SQL databases and REST API development
  • Participation in international eHealth projects: MSPATHS, Floodlight, Radar-CNS

Proyectos / Línieas de investigación / Intereses

IT Manager
Overseeing and coordination I&CT operations and strategy, process as well as quality ascertaining. Management of IT corporate standards compliance, asset management, project planning and staff management, budgeting and forecasting. Management of IT teams in designing, building, implementing, testing, supporting and enhancing key technologies. Responsibilities included application lifecycle development, data warehousing, business intelligence and user support. Managed team of up to 5 IT staff. Led special projects while ensuring they met strategic requirements and were completed within or prior to dealine around budget constraints. 

Development of tools for research in multiple sclerosis and the ‘eCemcat’ software: research applied repository and resource tool endowed by activity in the clinical environment. eCemcat facilitates predominately the general collection of administrative and clinical data on multiple sclerosis in the following areas: diagnostics, treatment, relapses, biological samples, MRI and other. Repository of data prospectively collected, with the informed consent of the individual patients over more than twenty years that conform one of the most complete multiple sclerosis series in the world. eCemcat includes functionalities of clinical-administrative management and internal communication for clinical purposes. eCemcat, by nature, is a tool in constant growth and adaptation. This makes it a keystone in research projects. eCemcat had special relevance in the development of the current MS diagnostic criteria that allow to diagnose MS with certainty as of the first suggestive episode of demyelination.

System administrator 
In charge of ongoing development and management of the servers and network security policies, system security, overseeing department budget and planning, and maintaining accurate documentation including resource time tracking and network design documents. Provision of daily assistance to all those research projects that require IT support, computational analysis, big data or computer services. Management of multicenter system for clinical sessions for discussions and shared decision making through secure videoconference.