The Online Master's in Neuroimmunology is directed and coordinated by the Multiple Sclerosis Centre of Catalonia (Cemcat), with the aim of training specialists in Neuroimmunology with the capacity to undertake patient diagnosis and treatment. The teaching staff are international, and include first-class experts in this type of pathology.

The provision of specialist knowledge for healthcare professionals with related training, mainly neurologists, allowing them to understand and interpret diagnostic and therapeutic reasoning in such pathologies represents a further objective of the Master's.

More than 450 healthcare professionals, mostly neurologists, have completed the Master's course.

The Master's is now in its 13th edition, and involves professional staff from Cemcat in many of its subjects. For example, those regarding diagnosis, treatment and future prospects.

The Master's programme is accredited with 60 ECTS by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). It is intended for higher-level qualification holders and graduates in Medicine specialising in Neurology, Neurology residents or doctors with a particular interest in Neuroimmunology. With a total of 10 topics, the Online Master's in Neuroimmunology comprises one theoretical section and one practical debate section by means of a forum hosted on the web platform.

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