Neurological diseases with an auto-immune basis, such as multiple sclerosis, are highly complex. This often hampers diagnosis and treatment. In order to address this aspect we are committed to integrated patient care by specialised professionals.

The Neurology/Neuroimmunology Department covers everything from initial appointments with the neurologist to the execution of diagnostic tests and treatments to control outbreaks of the disease in the case of multiple sclerosis, and avoid further episodes. All of this performed at all times in accordance with the Cemcat mission: improve the patient's quality of life. Which is why the aim is to minimise hospital admissions.

40% of patients with multiple sclerosis in Catalonia are dealt with by the Cemcat Neurology/Neuroimmunology Department.

In addition to initial and check-up visits, it should be mentioned that a high percentage of patients wish to have a second opinion, and may, for example, make one-off appointments when deciding on a treatment. Cemcat's chosen approach in such cases is always to involve patients in decision-making.

Care activities include:

  • Medical activity at outpatient appointments
  • Nursing care at the Walk-in Clinic connected with the administration of treatments
  • Neuropsychological and emotional evaluations of patients

Further aims of Cemcat include bringing care closer to patients and facilitating access. Which is why various channels are provided to contact the centre (telephone, email) so as to respond to the demands for medical or nursing care in the event of a worsening condition or any incident connected with the disease. A degree of flexibility is also maintained, as far as possible when scheduling appointments and tests, so as to limit travel times.

Cemcat has for more than 20 years systematically gathered data on the evolution of the patients who have been prescribed treatment for multiple sclerosis at the centre. This has allowed for appropriate monitoring of these patients, and a rapid evaluation of the results of new drugs in terms of their effectiveness.

The establishment of protocols for healthcare criteria and processes makes it easier for all patients to be handled equally by any of the professionals at the department (whether doctors or nurses), without necessarily needing to be seen by the same person. In order to guarantee such uniform operations, there is intense documentation of procedures and defined protocols for medical and nursing processes, which are progressively updated in accordance with the knowledge available.

Medical staff of the Neurology/Neuroimmunology Department at Cemcat are responsible for some of the patients admitted to the Neurology Department at Vall d'Hebron University Hospital for two months of the year, and throughout the year they perform a daily evaluation of all patients admitted with neuroimmunological pathologies, acting as consultants in such cases.